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The Bike Butler Background

Its all about you and your bike!

My role is to smoothen the path you are going to take when you decide to purchase the first road/tri bike… your road/tri biking needs. The Bike Butler ® will be able to equip you with the necessary knowledge to fully maximize your riding potential.The services listed in the rest of the site will be useful at some point or another.

Never lose sight of the road in front! [more]

Online Store

Online Store

Welcome, please browse through the store and pick out the goods that you do require. Delivery within Singapore is within 48 hours and is on The Bike Butler®’s account, the pleasure is ours!

Inventory is building and will open when we’re ready, estimate store opening is in July.

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Just give me a call on +65 9668 8934.
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Bike Fitting Services

This will be one of The Bike Butler's core services and this section will attempt to enlighten some misconceptions about bike fitting and benefits, which you will get out of a bike fit. [Go there]

Custom Frame and Bike Building

Made to order frames can be delivered within one month of order. The material of choice in humid Singapore is titanium. If you want a frame that will literally last forever, try out custom titanium made to measure frames. The frame is built to your body proportions and required component specifications. [Go there]

Bike Concierge Service

We pick up your bike at your doorstep, once serviced your bike will then be delivered in pristine condition at your convenience. There are various types of bike service available at your disposal that will be discussed in this section. [Go there]

Bike Travel Cases for Frequent Travellers

Expect the least expected, your racing bike damaged due to having it in a soft case or cardboard box. Have a hard case is all about maximum protection one can get when using a hard case. This is especially true when you are talking about carbon fiber bikes.

In this section, you will be introduced to various types of bike cases and the pro's and cons. You can also choose to purchase or rent one from The Bike Butler ® [Go there]

Special highlight on Viner Maxima

This frame is like no other and is probably the only kind in the world. Some professional teams don’t even get this. Not only its custom angled, the layering, weave angle and thickness of carbon are all dictated by how you want the bike to ride, like for climbing, sprinting or for comfort. There is also no cap on the weight of the rider. [Go there]

Short Bike Mechanic Courses

This is a one to one hands on learning session on how to assemble bikes, changing tyres, basic servicing to complete bike overhaul. [Go there]

Accident Claims and repairs

In compact Singapore, riders are not very far away from motorized vehicles. At times these fuel guzzlers would force the rider to make contact with the ground. We can help you! [Go there]

Race Wheels

These wheels on race day can increase the average speed and provide you with a surge in adrenaline. [Go there]