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Once you are sure or have narrowed down to a bike model which you must buy, the next step is to further scrutinize which size would be appropriate. Well this would depend on the body’s proportions. To confirm this on the bike, you would need to undergo a full bike fit. Whether you already have bought a bike when you read this, it really does not matter. We would still tweak the parameters to allow you’re positioning to be reflected on the bike, provided it’s within range.

There are a few items which you need to have when you undergo any bike fit. You need your cycling shoes (clip-less only) with socks, and cycling/racing jersey shorts/bibs. Optional items will be your gloves, shades and helmet, so that we can take a photo of you. :)

We do not recommend doing a full bike fit if proper cycling shoes are not used. Why not? Stored energy in the leg muscles need to be released through the shoes to the pedals and if they are not linked to the pedals in the correct angle and alignment, then what is the use of doing a full bike fit? If you do not have cycling shoes, there’s no worry, we have in stock various options of Shimano and Sidi cycling shoes to suit wide, narrow and expensive feets!

Please also come prepared with a set of questions which you would like clarified. Please do let us know if you have any grievances and complaints which you already have on your current riding posture and we will faithfully address them.

There are two scenarios:

1) You already own a bike:

Both you and your bike will be placed on a wind trainer or the Juteau Cantin Platform and your position observed while you ride. Corrections will be implemented based on the principles of body symmetry, centre of gravity, efficient power transfer and comfort.

Adjustments will be made based on your build and how your joints are positioned by either changing the stem, length, elevation and/or the saddle forward/aft/tilt position. In the worst case scenario, we would strongly recommend you to get a custom frame built.

2) You have the intention of purchasing a new bike:

Like a tailor, we will first measure you to obtain some statistics relating to your anatomy, assess flexibility and other podiatric tests in the Proportion Analysis Procedure. The measurements will be translated to the spatial positioning of the handlebar and the saddle with reference to the pedal. Other parameters like seat tube angle and handlebar and saddle width requirement will also be determined. You could at your convenience try out several saddles till you find one that you your butt fancy.

In this case you have the option to get us to build the bike up for you. Just order in the frameset and we would do the rest.

No bike fit is complete without looking how the energy is delivered to the cranks. The set of levers called the legs (including the feet) will ultimately transmit the strength in the legs to torque in the cranks. All these happen through the pedal-shoe interface. This is not usually clear to the eye, and here is exactly where efficiency is easily lost and you won’t even know it!

That is why we make sure that the legs a.k.a. the pistons are firing in a straight line and there is torque moving through every pedal angle. We could also see whether there is efficiency or not in the pedal stroke. There are ways to improve this coordination and is talked about in the Power Cranks page found under Inventory tab.

This Full Bike Fit procedure will take approximately 2 – 3 hours and will cost S$480.

To make an appointment, please call/text to Mervyn Liew at +65 9668 8934 or email at mervyn@thebikebutler.com. Please also do indicate who you are and who had referred you. Many thanks!


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My bike fit, done by Mervyn Liew at The Bike Butler, has totally changed the way I ride. The new positioning has allowed me to exert a higher percentage of power over a longer period of time compared to before, efficiently and even more importantly, comfortably. The transition from bike to run is alot smoother, I am less tired and definately faster off the bike than I was previously. The bike fit has certainly helped to make me stronger and faster especially over longer distances like the 70.3.

Angela Locke

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