Bike Travel Cases

What's a bike case used for?

The bike case is primarily used to protect your bike during transport. There are different degrees of protection, depending on which type of cases you use.

Types of cases:

There are typically 3 categories of hardware used for transporting a bike. Recently we had discovered a 4th category.

Corrugated boxes

The rigidity of the boxes heavily depends on the thickness and the construction of the cardboard. They are rather light weight but do not last very long. There are however commercially available ones which are of much higher quality boards and they last much longer.

Fabric cases

These cases are enveloped with a thick synthetic nylon skin, which serves as protection. Depending on the make of the bike case, the bike can be mounted on a steel platform, which serves to hold the bike in place, this providing support for critical parts of the drive system.

Polyester Cases

Very similar in design to the Scicon Art 71's and Aerotech's this make provides the rider with a significant weight advantage over the Scicon. Standing at an unladen mass of only 6.7 kg, it makes this case the one of the lightest reinforced semi hard case on the planet.

The only downside to the Polaris Bike Pod is the lateral compression resistance. When luggage is stacked on top of this case, the contents together with the case will bear the weight of the stacked luggage. Having said this, it’s still significantly more rugged than corrugated boxes and Fabric bags.


Cost of Purchase: S$ 550

Cost of Rental S$ 120 for a period of 10 days

Another model from Scicon is the Atlas which weighs in at 11 kg. It speaks volume and is able to hold 2 small to medium size bikes. The well padded wheel compartments are thick and will protect carbon wheels.

On its own, dependant on saddle height of the bike, only the wheels of the bike only needs to be dismantled for packing. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!!

Cost of purchase S$1100

Cost of rental $180 for a period of 10 days

To avoid disappointment, please confirm early with

Hard cases

These cases are made from industrial grade plastic and are very durable. In terms of protection, they are way superior compared to the above types. The only downside is the unladen weight of approximately 12kg to 14kg. With a complete bike packed in, the package weighs between 20kg to 25kg.


Not all hardcases are made equal.

Most cases in the market use a clamp mechanism. The locking system should be rugged and durable. The case has a fixed width and the bike has to fit within the parameters of the design. In most circumstances there is pressure exerted on the frame and wheels during packing due to a limited width. This constant pressure is applied throughout the entire journey. Other luggage when stacked on top of the bike case will compound this effect. When this happens, long term sustained pressure may damage your precious race wheels and ruin your chances of even starting the event.

A highly recommended case is the Scicon Aerotech hard case. It’s probably the most expensive hard cases in the market, averaging S$1,300 to S$1,400 a piece (prices vary).

In the Scicon hard case, the wheels (only when deflated) are stored in “compartments” which are moulded into the case itself and are not in contact at all with the bike. Bike packing is quick and can be completed in 5 minutes. There is no need for bubble wrapping and reinforcement. The case does it for you.
Rugged combination locks are also built in and the Scicon bike case is geared to roll on four independent wheels. Overall this bike case is very well designed!

The latest upgrade for the Art 71 is the Scicon Aerotech Hard case. This is the latest edition and incorporates internally mounted bags which provide true compartmentalisation of your belongings within the case itself. Pictures will be available in a couple of weeks time...

Should I purchase or rent a hard case?

Parameters to consider for purchase:

  • S$ 1,400 purchase
  • Usage of at least 3-4 trips per year
  • Space for storage
  • Tools required for packing


Renting of Scicon Art 71 and Aerotech hard case:

  • S$200 and S$250 respectively for every 10 days
  • Delivery and pick up of bike case
  • Tools and tool bag provided for use with the bike case
  • Hand cleaner provided in tool bag
  • Download a set of packing instructions here: Packing instructions

What can I do if the hardcase is damaged?

First check for damage upon receiving your luggage. If there is, please do file a claim for the repair or if the case is irrepairable, please file for a writeoff claim.

Repair of Scicon bike hard case:

  • Workmanship fee S$150
  • Spare parts are charged separately

For enquires on Scicon bike case repair, purchase or rental of Scicon Art 71 and Aerotech hard bike cases, please email to




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