Steady Eddy

To be able to cycle, you need to be able to first learn balance. The shorter the child, the lower the centre of gravity, and the easier to teach balance.

The Steady Eddie, is a wooden balance bike, is the perfect learner bike for children. The child firsts trots along with the bike using the feet and will discover that after while with momentum is able to lift both feet up and move with the bike without putting the feet on the ground.

The creators of Steady Eddie Bikes we have a long history of bicycle road racing which is combined with expert knowledge of how the human body should perform at its best. Young riders of The Steady Eddie wooden bike can take advantage of this experience and discover that learning to ride is comfortable, enjoyable and easy with a balance bike. Their years of experience has helped us produce the perfect beginnerís balance bike.

The beautifully made wooden bike is lightweight, built to last, comes with two seat covers and has a superb carry point for parents. Based in Hertfordshire, UK, it is the intention that you have years of fun with your Steady Eddie Wooden Bike then when itís time; pass it on to siblings, family or friends for further use. The wooden balance bike is about getting exercise and gaining a skill in a way that is so much fun!

Features of The Steady Eddie

  • Swept handle bars which take the pressure from the elbows a swept seat that is tappered in both directions makes for a far more comfortable ride
  • Two saddle colour options (blue and pink) with shock absorption padding
  • Non-pneumatic tyres, hence maintenance free (equivalent to 40 PSI, for a comfy ride)
  • Frame material is made from Birch Plywood
  • Bike is suitable for children aged 2 years 10 months to about 5 years of age
  • Adjustable eat heights range from 35.5 cm low position, 38.5 cm mid position and 41.5 cm highest position
  • The beautifully made woodenbike is lightweight, built to last and has a surperb carry point for parents

The Steady Eddie sells for S$150 and is inclusive of delivery in Singapore. For overseas orders, we would send via registered parcel for a small fee.

For purchase, please call Mervyn @ +65 9668 8934 or email to

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