Race Day Wheels

Race wheels should be meant to be used on Race Day itself and the odd couple of sessions during the tapering period. Well no one says that you cannot use race wheels as your training wheels.

A good quality set of race wheels in a triathlon and/or time trial will cost at least S$2-3K and above. Aerodynamics, weight and power transfer ability of the wheels will enable the ride to go anywhere between 2-4 km/h, provided the constant achieved speed is in the range of 35-40 km/h. fundamentally, the slower you go, the less the benefit an aerodynamic wheel will be. The slower one travels, the efficiency of the wheel/tyre combination becomes more important. We would say the breakeven region to choose between an aerodynamic wheel and an efficient wheel is somewhere in the low to mid thirty km/h.

However it on the other end of the scale, the use of disc wheels and tri spokes, in order for these race wheels to really benefit the rider, the rider should have to power to attain speeds of 40+ km/h. Lots of energy needs to be pumped to the weight of these wheels in order for inertia in these wheels to help roll the wheel itself. This inertia would in-turn work with the rider to push for speeds much higher than what they can normally do.

Anyway for individuals who do not want to fork out thousands for a set of race wheels for one or two races per year, rental of these wheels is a possibility. When you purchase a set of wheels, maintenance, wear and tear of the tyres and bearings, depreciation of the wheels will have to be borne by you. When you rent them, these responsibilities will not be real.

In the event of a puncture and/or a crash resulting in a broken wheel, we need the damaged pieces replaced. We will charge the replaced items at our cost.

Also if you fall in love with the wheels, we would be glad to sell you a deal on a brand new set.

Over at The Bike Butler® we have some race wheels for rent. All wheels are fitted with race only worthy tyres. Please specify the ratio of the cassette needed and whether it is for Shimano, Campagnolo or SRAM.

More wheel sets will be added to the list below as time goes by.

Please email mervyn@thebikebutler.com for availability.

Wheel sets available:

Zipp 404 Clysdale Tubular

Reynolds Assault Carbon Clincher (46 mm section) - $300 per race

Zipp Sub 9 Disc tubular only wheel - $300 per race

Zipp 900 Disc tubular only wheel with Powertap - $400 per race

FFWD Disc tubular - $250 per race

For enquires, please email or call Mervyn @ +65 9668 8934 or mervyn@thebikebutler.com



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