Accident Claims & Repairs

Accident Claims and Repairs

It’s part and parcel of riding in Singapore where the same tarmac is shared by both cars, pick-ups and the monstrous 30 wheelers.

Many a times, we practice defensive riding. Sometimes things happen just too fast and at times we do kiss the road.

In an unlucky day, if your precious gets damaged and you land on the road (with road rash etc) due to some errant motorist, please, the first thing you should do is to file a police report. REMEMBER the registration plate number of the vehicle!

At this point, it would be prudent not to tamper with your bike and allow a bike mechanic to inspect the integrity of the parts and serviceability.

After which, using the vehicle registration number, trace the insurance company which is liable for claims. Together with the police report, hospital charges and damage assessment etc, initiate a claim against the negligent motorist’s insurance.

After which, an assigned surveyor, from the insurance company will call upon you to take some photos and may discuss/negotiate for a settlement.

Once the surveyor is through, can you then initiate repair work on the bike.

Provided there is no dispute, there is no need to approach a lawyer for claims, unless the accused chooses to contest the case.

A straight forward case should take no more than 1 month for the insurance payout to arrive, thus concluding the case.

In any case, if the unfortunate does happen, please contact Mervyn @

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Although I have had a bike fitting before I found that Mervyn gave me more time, care and professional knowledge than I have had previously. The benefit for me is the confidence that the hours I spend on the bike are maximised and have found that even on super long rides my position is more comfortable with no pain in the back or hands. If you ride more than 3 hours a week this is worth it!

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