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The 4 Wives and 1 Husband

Or: The “ Why” Questions and the “How” … Part 1

It is almost the end of the racing season for most of you, or maybe you are going to do the last and the most important race of the season. So it’s a good time to review what you have done.

The big ‘W’ questions to think about…

1. Why do you train?

Why to do you devote hours running, swimming, biking, spend money on sports massage that are painful but great for recovery, eat energy bars, gels and other funky concoctions instead of normal food that give you the same calories like wanton noodles or bacon and egg? Why get up at 5am just to train?

2. Why do you race?

Why is your bike more expensive than the hi-fi or the LCD TV you have at home? Why spend $300 entry fees for a half ironman race to suffer for 6 hours? Why are you looking for the lightest gear where you are just lose another 1kg? Why do you devote hours in fine tuning your race day strategies and skills? Why pay $450 to get a better position on the bike to get that 1% or more advantage? Why engage a coach to help you become more efficient?

3. What was the Highlight of this season?

What event or moment that makes all these grueling hours on training, money and effort worthwhile? Is it the moment when you cross the finishing line and you know that you have given it all? Is it the feeling of being at your very best; both mentally and physically? Is it the fact that you are faster now than you were 10 years ago and 20kgs heavier? Or is it the joy of running, moving that you were created to enjoy? The knowledge that I can actually run a marathon and not struggle through it!

4. What was the disappointment of this season?

Were you not able to go under the time that you planned to do despite of the training and hitting all the targets along the way? Your best buddy who trained much less than you beat you once again? the race ended at the swim when you were kicked in the face and lose your goggle?

Before you jump right back to training, and penciling in the races you want to take part for the coming year/season, take some time to review.

The answers to these questions will help you to get up at those unearthly hours to train when your warm bed and a hearty breakfast beckon.

These answers will help strengthen the resolve to go when you are feeling a little too tired mentally to get out there. These answers will help you plan your next season as you better understand what your motivation is.


Coming up part 2: the ‘W’ and ‘H’ question of planning


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Hi Merf:

Its my pleasure, hope my grammar is still intact =)

Undergoing a full bikefit at The Bike Butler is probably the best upgrade i ever made. Gone are my knee pains and shoulder aches which now makes biking a wholelot more enjoyable. Thanks Merf for letting me know i have a shorter left leg! With the fitting comes the increase in power output, i can now spin so much better which leave my legs with more juices for the run.

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