Welcome! To all riders at any stage of their riding abilities and we are here to assist every one of you. In this section, we can provide professional advice on the integrity of your bike, make your bike spanking new, providing measurements on your next bike and figure out ways to improve the average speed on the road.

Well you can say it’s a one stop shop for road racing and triathletes.

Have a read on the testimonial page of many athletes who have benefitted from the various services.




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“having ridden my P3C for several months, i had this feeling that my riding position and posture were not comfortable. Having heard of many good reports of Mervyn’s bike-fitting capabilities, i decided to do so. The bike fit took a few hours – including putting wedges between the shoes and the cleats for better knee alignment. This was all done 4 weeks before my IM Hainan. Ever since then, I had been most happy with the comfort level with more comfortable shoulder and back posture – which gives me more power transfer through my legs into the bike. Second best investment after the bike !!!”

Koh Ching Hong

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