Bike Mechanics

With The Bike Butler, all the courses' approach is hands-on. You would need to bring your own bike and work on your own bike as we go into the details. All the short courses are one-to-one unless stated.

Basic maintenance course (1-1.5 hours)

  • Based on the bike Wash and Oil package
  • Chain wear check
  • Bolts check
  • S$200 per person

Full bike maintenance course (2.5 - 3 hours)

  • Basic Maintenance, plus
  • Bottom Bracket inspection
  • Headset inspection
  • Cable re-greasing
  • Handlebar taping technique
  • $400 per person

Tyre and inner tube changing course (1 hour)

  • Hands on tyre changing session on your own wheels
  • Spot for wear and tear
  • S$80 per person (minimum is 2 pax to schedule)

Gear Tuning & Brake adjustment course (1 hour)

  • Cable tension assessment
  • Range assessment
  • Spot for gear cable breakage
  • S$80 per person (minimum is 2 pax to schedule)


For enquires, please email or call Mervyn @ +65 9668 8934 or

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